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Be A MyCityPartner

  • Why YOU?

    If you are in the field of recruitment, you can't miss this golden opportunity.
    A stronger identity and more foot-fall through MyCityPortal.
    Our websites, i.e. MyCityAhmedabad.com, MyCityRajkot.com (check all available portal list on MyCityNetwork are popular and each has it's own Social media strengh (facebook groups, google-groups) with regular traffic on it.

  • How Much Power You Get?

    A. Direct access of FB groups to promote your jobs : Example
    B. Direct access of Google-groups to promote your jobs : Example
    C. Google-business address of MyCityPortal : Example
    D. Your office-address on MyCityPortal contact-us page : Example
    E. Staff-requirement on MyCity-Job-Page : Example

  • Partnership Policy

    Your business model must match with our group-policy.
    A. No charges in advance from companies / job-seekers.
    B. No data-selling.

  • Partnership Terms

    A. 10000/- Rs. per month per city.
    Security Deposit : 25000/- Rs. per month that is Fully refundable after due settlement
    Payment Terms : Monthly payment (on or before 7th day of the month)
    Contract Renewal : At every 11 months.

  • Note

    Partnership share has been calculated based on our past experience of foot-fall, lead generation and deal finalisation.
    I.e,. 1 placement / day @ 10000 Rs. Placement fees at MyCitySurat.

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